Whenever you see a pickup truck cruising down the road, all sorts of rugged day dreams flash through your mind: a cross county road trip while tugging a horse trailer behind you, a long day’s work hauling tree limbs in your pickup’s bed, and maybe even wrangling cattle with your pickup, just for the fun of it.

It feels great to drive a truck, until people start asking you silly questions. Here are four questions pickup truck owners are probably tired of hearing.

But is It Comfortable?

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For a long time, when folks thought of a pickup truck their minds never connected it to the word “comfort.” Most people thought pickups were only fit for hauling heavy-duty things, like farm equipment and furniture. Today, the interiors of pickup trucks have evolved into a thing of style and comfort.

At one point, you couldn’t even whisper “leather interior” and “pickup truck” in the same sentence without someone looking at you like you’d gone crazy. Now, many pickup models boast leather interior and even heated seats. So, while the outside of your pickup may look rugged, the inside is a thing of comfort and luxury.

But isn’t a Pickup Just for Hauling?

You can just imagine what people think when they see someone driving a pickup. “Guess that person must really like helping people move,” or “That guy must love to haul bags of manure and stacks of hay from his farm or something.” Contrary to popular belief, pickup trucks aren’t just useful for hauling things around. In fact, with pickups coming in all shapes and sizes these days, you can easily have one as your day-to-day vehicle. Pickups are also especially useful for large dog owners and those who need to travel difficult terrains or drive in inclement weather.

You Chose that Gas-Guzzler Over A Car?

Ever notice that guy in the Prius shaking his head at you in judgment? Pickup truck owners are often asked why they would even buy such a large, gas-guzzling vehicle. Considering the economy, with its sky-high gas prices that just keep rising, this is actually a somewhat valid question. While pickup trucks are not exactly light on the gas, some models produce decent gas mileage — like the F150 and the Silverado. And the sheer versatility of a pickup makes up for high gas mileage. continue reading…

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Beautiful San Antonio is a gem in the heart of Texas. It has a bustling city and many lovely places to live, and the area’s parks are a true community asset. If you plan on visiting San Antonio, are thinking of moving there, or are a long-time resident looking to explore, check out these excellent facilities and green spaces throughout greater San Antonio.

1. Brackenridge Park

At Brackenridge, “just another day in the park” is anything but. Set within 343 acres of trees, trails and the gentle San Antonio River, Brackenridge is a great place to have an adventure, no matter how old you are. In addition to the playground and relaxing river vistas, the park also features the unique Canopy Challenge area. It includes an obstacle course high in the hills, a junior course for kids, and a zip line ride that packs plenty of thrills into a stupendous view of the Texas hill country.

2. Mission Reach

One of the latest additions to the famous San Antonio River Walk, the Mission Reach is a beautiful path that connects several historical mission locales from the earliest days of the city. It makes for a soothing walk in the middle of the city, a clean, safe place to go for a run, and a smooth bike path. Enjoy all eight miles of the Reach or turn around partway to go back to Lone Star Boulevard in the downtown area.

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When you’re headed to San Antonio, Texas, there are a number of fun excursions to take. One of the most common outings is to go check out the Alamo. This is an important part of American history, and because of that, it is one of the biggest attractions in the area. While the Alamo is popular, you may not know these interesting facts.

It is Part of the Mission San Antonio de Valero

In the early 1700s, an area near the San Antonio river was dedicated to the Mission San Antonio de Valero. This mission housed Native American converts as well as missionaries for about 70 years. The location was chosen in 1724 and the foundation of the church was laid in 1744. In 1793, the Mission passed out of the hands of the church and into the hands of the of the local authorities. Land was divided up between citizens who coveted the rich land.

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Road trips offer up tons of silly games, loud music, gorgeous scenery, and plenty of junk food. However, you are not doomed to pour endless amounts of delicious prepackaged garbage down your gullet on your next road trip. Use the following tips to go easy on your stomach next time you hit the freeway for a long trip.

Shop Convenient, Shop Healthy

Making pit stops at gas stations does not obligate you to pick up ten bags of potato chips and enough soda to fill a luxurious bathtub. Some of the healthy options at most small convenience stores are:

  • Whole grain snacks, like cereal.
  • Energy bars (no, not the Snickers. Think Kashi.)
  • Trail mix.
  • Low-fat yogurt.
  • Vegetable juice, like V8
  • String cheese.
  • Bananas

Most of these things are easy to pack, too, so you can load up on healthy snacks before you even leave home.

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San Antonio has become one of the most popular US travel destinations, which is no surprise given its charming Spanish flavor and rich cultural history. No trip to San Antonio would be complete without visiting these five historic landmarks.

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San Fernando Cathedral

Built in 1731, this gorgeous cathedral is where legendary Texan Jim Bowie married his bride and served as a military lookout under General Santa Anna. As the only church in the region, the cathedral served both the Archdiocese and settlers of all faiths. Today, the San Fernando Cathedral is the oldest continuously operating religious community in the state and serves as a civic center that ministers to San Antonio’s poor.

Mission San José

Known as the “Queen of the Missions,” this beautiful walled compound was completed in 1782 and served as the religious home of over 350 Native American neophytes at its peak. While it is still an active parish, it also contains rich educational and historical collections that depict mission life for the priests and settlers on the Spanish frontier. The mission was faithfully restored by the WPA in the 1930s. Visit on a Sunday for the striking Mariachi Mass at noon.

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Washing your car protects its paintwork, improves your visibility, and even boosts your fuel economy by reducing your car’s wind resistance. But did you know there are right ways and wrong ways to wash your vehicle? Read on to ensure you’re doing the best by your car.

Don’t Wait for It to Appear Dirty

By the time that you’ve got a layer of crud on your car, damage is already being done. Bird droppings, dead bugs, tree sap, brake dust, roadway chemicals, and other harmful elements from the atmosphere can eat through your car’s wax and its paintwork. Weak spots in the wax can make your car prone to rust and discoloration. In extreme cases, you’ll need your car sanded and repainted to fix the problem.

Instead, you should wash off bird droppings, tree sap, and other stains as soon as you see them. In addition, wash your car every week, whether it appears dirty or not, to keep your paintwork pristine.

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Mudding is a popular activity, especially in the south. But there are some trucks that just do it better. Here is a little information on what Mudding is, the best trucks for it, and the safest ways to have good old-fashioned dirty fun.

What is it?

It is a recreational activity where men and women alike get their trucks ready and hit a big muddy spot. They race to see who can go faster without getting stuck. Sometimes, it’s just more fun to tear up the land and drive. If you’ve never done it before, be prepared to get muddy.

It’s all a part of the appeal. You’ll get your blood pumping and a load of laughter. It’s just like being on a rollercoaster ride without the heights or loops. Here are a few of the trucks that do the best in the mud.

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When we think of celebrities and their cars, we usually picture them in high-end sports cars. After all, to a celebrity, a car is as much a statement piece as anything else they own. However, the following celebrities still know and love the power of a good truck.

Scott Caan 1950 F-Series Ford

Scott Caan, known for his role as Danny “Danno” Williams in the remake of Hawaii Five-0, enjoys taking a spin in his classic 1950 F-Series Ford truck. The F-Series was the first truck produced by Ford after World War II. In 1950, Ford saw an uptick in sales of the F-Series, and some believe this increase was linked to fears of smaller car production during the Korean War. During that time, Ford produced 345,801 trucks. Additionally, a big change in producing this truck was switching to a truck chassis instead of using one from a car.

Ben Affleck Dodge Ram SRT-10

Ben Affleck has won two Academy Awards and three Golden Globes, but that doesn’t stop him from cruising the streets in his black Dodge Ram SRT-10. Unlike other trucks, the SRT-10 was produced solely for speed, and has the engine of a Viper under the hood. Production of the truck ran from 2004 to 2006, and there were only 9,527 trucks manufactured during this 3 year span. While it was in production, it set a Guinness World Record for the fastest truck with a top speed of almost 155 miles per hour.

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Pickup trucks are built to be tough. They can handle any terrain while providing a comfortable driving experience. Even though just about every truck is a great choice, here are the six best full size pickup trucks on the market.

Chevrolet Silverado

The Silverado comes with a V6 engine that gives plenty of power for towing light trailers and easy daily driving. However, buyers have the option to upgrade to a V8, which improves acceleration and makes it better for towing heavy loads. It has a six speed automatic transmission and gets 24 MPG highway driving in the V6 and 22 MPG highway driving in the V8. This could be better, especially if it had an eight speed automatic transmission, but the truck’s performance and comfortable ride make it worth it.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the standard in pickup trucks and the 2014 model does not disappoint. There are three engine options – the V6, two V8 variations, and a turbocharged EcoBoost V6. When it comes to fuel economy, the V6 gets 23 MPG highway, the EcoBoost V6 gets 22 MPG highway, and the larger V8 gets 18 MPG highway. The brakes have lots of stopping power and steering has great feedback for the driver.

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“The pickup truck is very much a part of Americana,” explained Ed Kim, the vice president of industry analysis at AutoPacific. “It’s connected with the idea of a man going out to work hard and create his own path.” Those ideals make pickups much more than simple vehicles. They’re as American as apple pie, and the muse for many of the world’s best songs.

1. “I Love My Truck” by Glen Campbell

Country music legend Glen Campbell spoke for generations of pickup fans when he sang “I Love My Truck.” This ode to his Chevrolet pickup reminds listeners that a good truck is always with you with the lyrics “It don’t matter who lived, it don’t matter who lied, I got my truck right by my side.”

Released as a single n 1981, The Joe Rainey-penned tune appeared on the greatest hits album Super Hits in 2000.

2. “Big Ol’ Truck” by Toby Keith

It was hard to tell whether Toby Keith was more enamored with the big ol’ truck or the girl driving it in his 1995 single “Big Ol’ Truck.” The fourth and final single from his Boomtown album tells of a girl made even more attractive because she owns a “four-wheel drive” with “chrome steel bumpers and red step side.”

The song struck a chord with North American motorists, who took it to number 15 on the U.S. Billboard country charts and number 10 on the Canada country charts.

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