The 3 Best Trucks for a San Antonio Spurs Tailgate

The Best Trucks For Tailgating

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Tailgating at a San Antonio Spurs game? Make sure you have the right truck to make a statement. After all, you don’t want to show up in a wimpy wannabe vehicle when rivals are in town. If you are a Spurs fan, your truck should display your support in style.

Here are three of the best trucks for tailgating at a San Antonio Spurs game.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150, also known as the “ultimate tailgating machine,” is the king of the party. What’s not to love? Not only can you get six people to the game in this beast, but once you’re there you can look really cool using the remote tailgate release before you even get out of the truck. Once the tailgate is down, there is plenty of room for utilizing the space for coolers and grills. Be creative, show your spirit, and don’t be afraid to make a mess. Once the party is over you can hose off the bed and eliminate any BBQ remnants. (more…)

4 Country Music Stars Who Love Their Pickup Trucks

4 Country Music Stars Who Love Their Pickup Trucks

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Country music has a lot of recurring themes, one of which is the beloved pickup truck. No matter what the make, model, or year, country music stars who drive pickups often tend to write memorable tunes about their favorite trucks, regardless of whether it’s an old clunker or a brand new vehicle. Check out what your favorite truck-loving country stars are driving these days.

Lee Brice

This singer not only loves driving trucks, he also writes songs about them. His song “I Drive Your Truck” topped the charts when it debuted and even won the American Country Music award for Song of the Year. Meanwhile, Brice drives a Chevy Silverado that he purchased in 2012. You can get a used Silverado just like Brice’s for around $20,000 or less. This truck has a max tow rating of up to 10,700 pounds. Many 2012 models also include heated/cooling seats as well as a built-in navigation system. These days, a new Silverado sells for around $26,000. (more…)

The Top 5 Accessories Every Full-Size Pickup Truck Should Have

5 Accessories Every Full Size Truck Should Have

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A full-size pickup truck is a commitment, and just like any serious relationship, gifts go a long way. Accessories can add functionality to your truck, keep it looking great, and help keep you and your passengers comfortable. Your pickup is wonderful just the way it is, but once you get a taste of the accessories available to make it even better, you’ll fall in love all over again. Here are five must-have accessories for every pickup owner.

Tailgate Protector

The tailgate is one of the most abused parts of a truck, and is often also one of the first to wear out or need repair or replacement. Extend its life with a tailgate protector. Available in cap or full styles, this is a relatively inexpensive upgrade — expect to pay between $50 and $200 — and one that’s well worth it. A protector not only preserves the surface of your tailgate, it also saves your precious cargo from scratches and damage from being dragged in and out of the bed. (more…)

6 Reasons You Need a Pickup Truck in Texas

Reasons it's Great to Own a Truck In Texas

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Nothing beats the versatility of a pickup truck. You can carry what you want, wherever you want, and there’s nothing much standing in your way. Whether you plan on using your truck for daily city driving like in San Antonio or something more off the beaten path, a truck can get you there better than any other car. Here’s why.

1. Best on Rough Terrain

Your average truck can plow through snow, blast over dirt roads, and even climb rocks better than your average SUV. Four-wheel drive comes standard on most trucks. When you add tough tires, great suspension, and locking differentials to the mix, you make a truck that can conquer any landscape, especially the Texas desert. (more…)

An American Classic: The History of the Pickup Truck

Ford Model T - A History of The American Pickup

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Pickup trucks have been around since the early 20th century. Here we explore how the truck went from a motorized wagon to what it is today.

A Horse-Drawn Wagon Without the Horse

The earliest pickup trucks had basically the same design as horse-drawn wagons. They had a big open bed with a bench seat at the front, plus a giant steering wheel mounted parallel to the floor. Instead of horses, a motor propelled the wagons forward. Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, the company now known as Mercedes-Benz, built the earliest of these wagons in 1896. Its motor was two-cylinder, giving it only a four-horsepower engine. It could reputedly carry up to 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs.). (more…)

3 Must-See Historic Attractions for Your Next Road Trip to San Antonio

The Alamo in San Antonio

Image via Flickr by Ken Lund

San Antonio, Texas is home to some of the most interesting historic sites in the U.S. You don’t need to be a history buff to appreciate these historical hotspots.

The Alamo: A Site of Historic Battle

The legend of the Alamo looms so large that you might be expecting a larger attraction than this stone chapel. What it lacks in size it makes up for in significance. The battle, which took place here in 1836, marked a turning point in the Texas Revolution. A shrine remembers the 13 brave Texans who stood their ground against General Antonio López de Santa Anna, and a museum details their struggles. (more…)

5 Best Trucks For Off-Roading in Texas

Great Trucks For Off Roading

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There are many opportunities to go off-roading all over Texas. The rocky terrain and desert trails make it one of the best states for an off-road adventure. If you’re looking to buy or rent a truck to take off-roading, here are some of the most well-equipped makes and models to try, and some trails where they’ll fit right in.

Toyota Tacoma or Tundra TRD Pro

The TRD Pro package for 2015 model Toyota Tacomas and Tundras equips these trucks to conquer any terrain while still being well-suited for driving on the street. Oversized Bilstein shocks add some extra height to the ride and give these trucks unbelievable suspension. A Tacoma TRD Pro costs $35,525 off the lot (with Access Cab and 6-speed manual transmission). Try out one of these trucks at Cline Ranch Offroad Park near San Antonio. (more…)

Top 4 Highest-Rated Light-Duty Trucks

Top Rated Light-Duty Trucks

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As Americans move out of rural areas and into the cities and suburbs, light-duty trucks are gaining popularity. While they don’t have the muscle of their heavy-duty cousins, they’re much easier to park and drive on narrow urban roads, and they’ve got more than enough might to haul furniture and building supplies. For inner-city motorists, these light-duty trucks can’t be beaten.

1. Ford F-150 XLT Impresses Truck Experts

This year, Ford F-Series trucks clocked their 32nd consecutive year as the top-selling vehicle in the United States and their 37th as the top truck. All this brand’s vehicles are quality, but its Ford F-150 XLT just edges out the competition. In 2013, it outclassed vehicles from Ram and GMC to win’s Light-Duty Challenge. The truck enthusiasts were impressed with the F-150 XLT’s performance, which saw it win five competitive events and place second in the other.

The new 2015 model hasn’t taken a backwards step. Much of the chatter has focused around its new aluminum body, which promises to resist the corrosion and damage steel suffers. This is not the flimsy material soda cans are made from. Ford’s high-strength, military-grade aluminium alloy is made to last. The optional BoxLink cargo management system, cargo ramps, and handy cameras help enhance the F-150 XLT’s functionality. (more…)

5 Most Fuel-Efficient Trucks to Get You Through San Antonio, TX, Traffic

Fuel Efficient Trucks

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The five most fuel-efficient trucks to get you through San Antonio, TX, traffic won’t hurt your wallet at the pump and may just help your business. See what truck is right for you in 2015.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado 2WD

This Chevy four-cylinder small pickup invoices for a sliding scale between about $20,000 and $34,000 depending on trim and added features. For fuel economy, you’ll want to get one of the two-wheel drive options of the 2015 that runs on unleaded gasoline with a manual or automatic transmission. You might spend more time shifting in San Antonio traffic if you choose manual, but you’ll save money at the pump in the long run.

  • EPA Estimated Highway MPG: 26
  • EPA Estimated City MPG: 16
  • Combined MPG: 22


Tire Maintenance: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Car Running Evenly

Tire Maintenance To Keep You On the Road

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One of the most frequently overlooked maintenance items on a vehicle are the tires. Every driver needs to know how to perform three basic tire maintenance functions, all of which are explained below.

How to Check Tire Pressure

Every time you change your oil you should check your tire pressure. Tires can naturally lose up to one psi (pounds per square inch) each month and even more when the weather is cold. Here’s how you can check and make sure your tires have optimum pressure.

  1. Check the sticker on the inside of the driver’s door for proper tire pressure. This number may also be found in the owner’s manual. Once you know your psi, you can measure the pressure with a standard pressure gauge.
  2. Remove the valve stem cover and place gauge over the exposed stem. You will here a “pssst” sound, and the gauge will pop out. Check the number on the gauge against the proper tire pressure. Note: Only check pressure when tires are cold. If you have driven the car, wait three hours before checking.
  3. Add or release air until the gauge shows proper inflation for your car.