Fuel Efficient Trucks

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The five most fuel-efficient trucks to get you through San Antonio, TX, traffic won’t hurt your wallet at the pump and may just help your business. See what truck is right for you in 2015.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado 2WD

This Chevy four-cylinder small pickup invoices for a sliding scale between about $20,000 and $34,000 depending on trim and added features. For fuel economy, you’ll want to get one of the two-wheel drive options of the 2015 that runs on unleaded gasoline with a manual or automatic transmission. You might spend more time shifting in San Antonio traffic if you choose manual, but you’ll save money at the pump in the long run.

  • EPA Estimated Highway MPG: 26
  • EPA Estimated City MPG: 16
  • Combined MPG: 22

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Tire Maintenance To Keep You On the Road

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One of the most frequently overlooked maintenance items on a vehicle are the tires. Every driver needs to know how to perform three basic tire maintenance functions, all of which are explained below.

How to Check Tire Pressure

Every time you change your oil you should check your tire pressure. Tires can naturally lose up to one psi (pounds per square inch) each month and even more when the weather is cold. Here’s how you can check and make sure your tires have optimum pressure.

  1. Check the sticker on the inside of the driver’s door for proper tire pressure. This number may also be found in the owner’s manual. Once you know your psi, you can measure the pressure with a standard pressure gauge.
  2. Remove the valve stem cover and place gauge over the exposed stem. You will here a “pssst” sound, and the gauge will pop out. Check the number on the gauge against the proper tire pressure. Note: Only check pressure when tires are cold. If you have driven the car, wait three hours before checking.
  3. Add or release air until the gauge shows proper inflation for your car.

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Great Trucks for Off Roading in San Antonio

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Although Texas is one of the best-known states for off-roading, it can be tough for folks living in the city to find places to drive. If you’re a resident of San Antonio, you’re one of the lucky few Texans to have some great driving locations such as Cline Ranch Off-Road Park just outside your home. Today we’ve assembled a list of four great trucks that are not only perfect for getting you around town, but also perfect for off-roading outside the home of the Alamo.

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

One of the best around when it comes to off-roading, this is a unique version of the standard Ford F-150 truck that ignores the typical comforts in favor of some serious off-roading perks. While it’s size can make it tricky for city driving, the truck’s extra-wide stance, massive tires, and uniquely designed suspension system allow this beast to travel almost triple digits when covering terrain that would send most other off-road vehicles to the shop. Ford even built a 62-mile durability loop to model the Baja 1000 off-road race to test their flagship off-roader. continue reading…

The Alamo in San Antonio

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Texas is known for its BBQ, its rodeos, and its football, but that’s certainly not all Texas has to offer. Texas has a lot of history too, and these five towns demonstrate the best places to soak it up.

San Antonio

Although many cities claim to own the most historical significance in Texas, it’s hard to compete with San Antonio. This city was established around the Alamo Mission in 1718. San Antonio is most famous for the Alamo, which is known for its importance during the Texas Revolution; however, San Antonio offers many historical sites to see such as the Spanish Governor’s Palace, San Antonio Missions National Park, and the River Walk. continue reading…

Pick Up Trucks That Can Tow Any Load

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As American as apple pie, the full–size pickup truck remains popular with tradespeople and weekend warriors alike. With its powerful engine and heavy frame, the pickup is a must for people who need to haul heavy loads, including RVs and boats. Here are five of the most capable pickup trucks on the market.

2014 Dodge Ram 3500

If you’re looking for a truck that can haul your luxury trailer as well as your car behind it, you can’t do better than the 2014 Dodge Ram 3500. With its ladder-frame made from 50 KSI steel, it can tow an amazing 30,010 pounds when taken in the ST or tradesman trim. All other trims can tow 29,000 pounds. Both options exceed those offered by any of the other car manufacturers.

The source of its power is its Cummins 6.7 liter turbo-diesel engine that makes 385 horsepower and 850 pounds per foot of torque. Chrysler’s engineers paired this monster engine with a six-speed automatic transmission featuring a Multiple-Displacement-System (MDS) to aid in fuel economy. It does this by turning off four of its eight cylinders when you aren’t hauling heavy loads. continue reading…

% Ways to Keep Your Car Running Well

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Although some car troubles are unavoidable, most of the time prevention is key with your vehicle. It’s important to treat your car well so that it will last longer and have fewer issues in the long run. Discover how to treat your car well with the tips below.

1. Pay Attention

If something seems off about your car, it’s likely that your car is trying to tell you something. If your car is speaking to you, don’t ignore it. Pay close attention to any funny noises, smells, or leaks in your car because they are almost always indicative of a problem. Although ignoring it is the easiest way to handle it, you’ll most likely allow more damage to occur with a bigger price tag than if you get it checked out to being with. You drive you car often, so if something seems off, head to a certified mechanic or the dealer to get it checked out ASAP before a small problem turns into a big one. continue reading…

Great activities to do with your truck in San Antonio

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Home to the Alamo, many colleges, and other attractive places, San Antonio offers its residents and guests plenty of fun things to do. While San Antonio is a fun place to be no matter what vehicle you drive, it’s even more fun if you own a pickup truck.

Mountain Biking

Throw your bikes in the back of your pickup truck and head to one of the many trails San Antonio has to offer. One of the favorite trails of locals and tourists is Government Canyon, which is split into two sections. The front section offers fun terrain for the beginner to intermediate rider. The back section has tougher terrain and is sure to satisfy more experienced riders. No matter what your skill level is, there are paths for you to enjoy in San Antonio.  continue reading…

Driving Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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Some car problems require a trip to the mechanic. But most of them are just annoying little things you don’t exactly know how to deal with. Stuff like dirty headlights, hot car interiors, and losing your parked car are just irritating enough to catch your attention, but not serious enough to demand an immediate fix. These hacks can help with that.

Adjust Your Side Mirrors for Safety

Apparently we’ve all been driving with our side mirrors adjusted less effectively. Car and Driver tells us that including a view of the side of our car in the side mirrors actually increases that big blind spot where other cars always seem to be hanging out. It’s a simple adjustment, though it takes some getting used to. If you can stand it, though, you’ll be much safer — and done correctly, you’ll no longer need to glance over your shoulder when changing lanes.
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Ways to Make Money With Your Truck

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So you’re in San Antonio, you have a pick-up truck, and you’re in need of some extra cash. Boasting a population of more than 1.4 million and hundreds of thousands of businesses, the city is overflowing with potential. Here are five simple ways you can make money with your pick-up truck in San Antonio. With some of these ideas, you may even end up with repeat customers.

Charge People to Move Their Belongings

Someone is always moving from one home to next in any city teeming with people  — and they often need help moving their stuff. Charging a small fee to help them move their furniture and belongings from one place to the other could quickly add up. You don’t have to charge as much as the big name companies, and many people will be willing to pay at least a little something for the convenience. continue reading…

Areas to visit in Texas hill country

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There are several driving routes in and around San Antonio that take you on a scenic adventure. Capture the picturesque landscapes, visit historical landmarks, stop for a bite to eat at a chic restaurant, or quench your thirst at a funky bar.

From Southtown to King William District

Take a drive from Southtown to King William District. Southtown in the city’s art district, where you can make stops at one-of-a-kind shops like the Propaganda Palace and incredible art galleries like the Mercury Project. The Propaganda Palace is nirvana for media collectors; find reels of old films and old eight-track tapes. At the Mercury Project, there are fabulous art exhibits from artists like Lane’ Pittard and Robert Tatum.

From Southtown, head north on South Presa to get to King William District, one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Antonio. Drive by grand mansions and estates, and make a stop at the San Antonio River Walk. Cafes and restaurants line the scenic river, and you can enjoy a river boat ride while enjoying the sounds of delightful mariachis. Be sure to grab some photos of the amazing Tower of Life Building and the Tower of the Americas. continue reading…