top 5 bbq restaurants in San AntonioWe started this blog series a few weeks ago with our list of the Top 5 Bars in San Antonio, and now we’re publishing our second list… The Top 5 BBQ Joints in San Antonio. Living in Texas, we tend to forget how phenomenal our BBQ is, but it’s one of the most common questions we get from out-of-state customers. Nearly every time someone flies in, they’ll ask us where they should go to get some good Texas BBQ.

So, our second list is our personal list of the top 5 bars in San Antonio. We all eat at these restaurants all the time, so we know that both locals and out-of-staters will love them. Like last time, if there’s a local spot with awesome BBQ that you think should have made the list, leave us a comment and tell us!

The 5 Best BBQ Joints in San Antonio (in no particular order)

Barbeque Station – (no website, but here’s their Google Maps page)
We absolutely LOVE this place.  Awesome BBQ, incredible sauce, and huge portions. We’re usually just picking up food to-go because we’re too busy to sit down there and eat, but even still – when you leave this place, you smell like you’ve been working the pit.  It’s addicting and heavenly.  We have yet to have a bad meal here.

Rudy’s –
Rudy’s is a tourist favorite and it’s easy to see why.  Their food is phenomenal and the creamed corn is like a dessert.  Their BBQ sauce is probably the best you’ll have anywhere in town. You can even order meat from them and have it shipped right to your doorstep! This spot is a bit more pricey, but always good and definitely worth it.

Grady’s –
Not only do we love their BBQ, but they’ve also got incredible fried fish. They’ve got generous portions and friendly staff. Again, we don’t eat there, because we’re bringing food back to the office, but the location is really nice if you have the time to sit down and eat. Their holiday feasts are amazing, and they’ve got great catering options for office parties.

County Line –
This is a special occasion type of place – and they have truly excellent BBQ.  They have a great easy dining atmosphere with large glasses of iced tea, which they like to call “the house wine of the South.”  Their BBQ sauce is exquisite, and their brisket and sausage are probably the best in town. Even their potato salad, beans and cole slaw are worth raving about.

Smokin’ Joe’s –
This is one of our favorite local spots because it’s close to our office. Joe’s has your standard BBQ items, and they’re all delicious. The AAB office favorite is the chopped BBQ sandwich – it literally melts in your mouth. This is our go-to BBQ spot, and we’ll always suggest it to anyone who’s on the lot and wants a quick bite to eat.

Stay tuned for more Top 5 lists – we’ve got more awesome ones on the way. And as always, leave us a comment if we left out your favorite…